Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Transfer 4 Semaine 6 9/9/13

Dear family and friends,

Well it is a good and rainy day in Blois today!!!:) I am so happy to have a couple minutes to update y'all on what is going on here. This letter may be a little more all over the place, but i am hoping to get a lot of information communicated!!!:)

I just have to start with telling one of the craziest stories of my mission. It was definatly NOT funny at the time, but now I can laugh about it.:) haha. A couple weeks ago, an inactive member from the Congo named Karine came to church with us for the first time. It was really akward for her to be there because it was her first time back in a long time, and I think she was really nervous bringing her son,Holyson, to church for the first time. As usual on Sunday mornings before church, things were a "little" hectic, and I am not gonna lie, I was really stressed trying to get Mirian and Jennyfer and all of our other amis to church. Ten minutes before all the meetings started, everyone started pouring into the building, and right when our branch president came to talk to us and Karine, Holyson started throwing up ALL over the hallway!!!! Oh my gosh I though I was going to scream. Ah man he would not stop thowing up. Yikes!!!!! It was a nightmare. As i quickly went to get things to clean it up, Holyson followed me down the hallway and threw up ALL over the hallway too. Ahhhh. Everyone scattered pretty quick haha. So...as my companion greeted everyone into the building, I was the lucky one to clean it up with paper towels. Yeah...paper towels....haha. Ahhhhhh my goodness it was the worst thing...But now i guess it is pretty funny, huh???:) haha. 

Ok I know I have to give you a quick update on Mirian and Jennyfer!!!! If you couldnt tell by the pictures, the baptism was a complete success! It was a little tough getting members there cause it was the last week of vacation, but my companion and I each gave a little talk and we all sang a couple cantiques together. Walking behind the font with Mirian was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. She was so quiet and so full of the Spirit, yet I knew that Satan was working on her hard. Once we stepped into the bathroom, she stopped and asked me if we could pray together. For the next couple minutes or so, Mirian held my hands and bowed her head against mine and prayed prayed prayed. After, she looked up with the biggest smile on her face and walked right down into the water.:) It was beautiful. Then, the first thing she said to me when she came out of the water was, "Jennyfer will be baptised. She will know this is what she needs to do." Little to our surprise, earlier this week, Soeur Mangum and I got the wonderful opportunity to teach Jennyfer and talk about baptism. She had been struggling with a testimony of the Book of Mormon but lately has been reading regularly. When we asked about her prayers and responses again this week, the biggest smile came to her face and she said, "I have prayed and have seen differences in my life. I feel the fruits of the Spirit, and I know that the Book of Mormon is true." It was so incredible. She happily acepted a date to be baptised the 29th of September.:)

Thank you so much for your love and prayers on behalf of our investigators. They feel your support and thank you.

Remember that you can make a difference, wherever you are. Find someone to help. And always always remember to smile.:)

I love you with all of my heart, Soeur Laura Lee Judd

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