Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Surprise trip to San Francisco 3/5/13

My dearest family and friends,

Hello from the MTC! Wow I always have so so much to say when I sit down, but I really have so little time to write. I am so sorry. But thank you so much for letting me know of all that is going on with you!

I sent a couple pictures today, and you may be surprised to see that I got to go to San Francisco this week! haha. It was the greatest surprize ever! We flew out early Wednesday moring and got back later that night, but we got to spend the day visiting the French consulate to get out visas and traveling aroudnd the city. The best experience about traveling to San Francisco, however, was talking to the man sitting next to me on the place ride home. He is a Russian neuro-scientist who graduated from MIT and was coming to Utah for a conference. I love talking to him about his life and sharing with him stories from mine. I gave him some great ideas of things to do when he visited Utah, and I told him the implications of being a missionary. He was interesting in everything I had to say about the MTC and spreading the Gospel. It was so easy and so fun to just talk about the church and its mission. Although I didn't place a Book of Mormon or teach the entire first discussion, I know that I helped this man better understand the Gospel and to maybe one day be a recipient of the blessings it has to offer in his life. Truly, that is missionary work, and I hope that throughout my mission and throughout my life, I can convey the joy that I feel as being a member of the church and help them to feel that joy as well. When we are happy, when we smile, people notice. And perhaps we can have to opportunity to tell them why we are happy-and that's through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I hope that this week, you will all try to spread this joy, to share it. I love you with all of my heart. Remember to smile always.:)

Love, Sister Laura Lee Judd

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