Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Transfer 11 Semaine 4 6/16/14

Dear family and friends, 

When I first found out I was coming to Mulhouse, everyone told me that it is soooooooooo hot there! and up until now I didn't believe them...BUT NOW I DO!!!!! haha. IT IS SO HOT!!!!! But I love it when the sun is out because that means the French are out too!!! haha. 

I LOVE DEMILA!!!!!!!! We had been so worried about her lately because we had been out of contact, and when we passed by her house yesterday, she was finally there!!! She recieved us immediately and said that she missed her sisters so much! Demila also said she had been reading out of the Book of Mormon with her daughters AND friends and said she tells them that she knows it is a true book of God. In all reality, Demila has only read a few chapters of the Book of Mormon, yet the testimony she has of it is firm and steadfast. She is such an incredible example to me. As we sat and visited with her, we read in 1st Nephi together, we talked about Nephi and the trials he faced, Demila likened his experiences to her own and connected all the dots. Because the Lord answered Nephi's prayers, met his needs and gave him strength, she knows the Lord will do the same for her as well. Her insights are so profound. 

As we continued teaching, we spoke of the blessings we recieve as we keep the commandments of the Lord. Soeur Trautman and I each took turns testifying of obedience, and as I felt the Spirit fill the room, Demila's countenance completely changed. After we spoke, we let the Spirit work, and Demila turned to us and said, "Sisters, I have been thinking about baptism... I have been baptised before...but I know your church is the true church of God and that being baptised again would mean I become a part of God's fold. I want to join myself to this cause by being baptised." Isn't that incredible?!:) How blessed I was to have been able to testify to her afterwards and promise that the Lord, as He did for Nephi, will guide her path and prepare the way for her to be baptised. Please keep Demila and her daughters in your prayers so that they will all prepare to enter into the covenant of baptism together as a family. 

This afternoon I was so blessed to be able to read Alicia's email, which spoke so much of the temple. What a blessing it was for her (and for our family!) to go through the temple in preparation for her mission. Cherished memories and sacred thoughts of my own temple experiences came to mind, and as I read, and I was reminded of a quote given by Elder Anderson this past General Conference: "The way you feel in the temple is a pattern for how you want to feel in your life." Isn't that beautiful? I hope we all desire to pattern our lives in that way. Let's live in such a way that we always worthy of a temple recommend. May we stand in holy places and be not moved. 

Remember that you can make a difference, wherever you are. Find someone to help and always, always remember to smile.:) 

I love you with all of my heart, Soeur Laura Lee Judd

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