Monday, April 7, 2014

Transfer 9 Semaine 5 3/31/14

Family and friends, 

What a great week!!! I cannot believe it has already passed. 

Church with the family Gomila yesterday was incredible! They are progressing so so well-I cannot believe it! Soeur Gomila has already sorted out all of the logistics for the baptisimal ceremony, and I am just thrilled to see how many ward members are involved. I feel like I don't have to do anything except finish teaching one last lesson! Life for them is just great. They are wonderful!

This week my companions and I did a visit with our Bishop at a less-active's house named Nagege. I have had several occasions to teach Nadege before, and she is a SWEETHEART! Oh I love her dearly. She has an incredible testimony and faith, yet it has been hard for her to stay consistent coming to church. Thanks to Bishop Bamy, however, the message we shared about revelation through church attendance was just perfect. She already knew that church was important, yet by sharing this message and by having an additional witness from the Bishop, I think Nadege can see even more how church attendance is not made to be a bother, but rather it is a way that the Lord is able to give us even more blessings!!! One blessing, for example, is answers to our prayers, and I testify that He gives us answers to our prayers at church. During the lesson we commited Nadege to write a question that she has down on a notecard and to bring it to church. We promised, as representatives and missionaries of the Savior, that as she does her best to listen to the Holy Ghost and if she has real intent to act upon the answer to the question she recieves, that question will be answered at church. We all commited to do that for the following Sunday, and I can tell you that I recieved the answer to my question. I testify, as I did to Nadege, that this "question on a notecard" works. The Lord speaks to us. I challenge each of you to do the same thing this next Sunday. I can promise you that the Lord will respond as you are open and ready to recieve by the power of the Holy Ghost. Give it a try.:) 

Work is kicking in with the mission finding at Easter! My companions and I have been doing all sorts of contacting and porting and have been finding all sorts of people open to hear the message of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is moments like this that people are more open and sensitive to the messgage of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Remember that! Think of someone who needs this message in their lives and SHARE IT! Yes that is right. DO SOME MEMBER MISSIONARY WORK!!! It is fun and it is easy. I promise you that-no matter what the outcome-you will be happier during this Easter because you shared something special to you (hint hint...the Gospel...:) haha) with someone else. Sometimes I sit and wonder how in the world I am so happy...and then I realize that it is BECAUSE I AM A MISSIONARY!!!! You can be a missionary too!!!! and feel the exact same joy I feel. I promise.:) 

Remember that you can make a difference, wherever you are. Find someone to help and always, always remember to smile.:) 

I love you with all of my heart! 

Soeur Laura Lee Judd

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