Monday, March 17, 2014

Transfer 9 Semaine 3 3/17/14

Dear family and friends,

I got an additional companion this week!!!! Wow I am loving these trios!!!!:) haha. My new companion's name is Soeur Anderson.:) and she is wonderful!!! Before moving with us to Versailles, she was serving in a neighboring sector; however, her trainer had to return to the States for an operation that couldnt be performed in France, so now she is with us!!! Soeur Anderson is from Spanish Fork and fresh into the mission. She is enthusiastic as all get out and we are love being all togehter.:) 

Since Soeur Anderson arrived, we have seen some incredible miracles! The night that she arrived, we got into two houses and prayed with the families living there.:) It was an incredible experience for Soeur Anderson, considering that these were the first two times she had ever been let in during her mission!!! and Soeur Barton and I were pretty excited too.:) 

Soeur Gomila and Léa are progressing really well, and seeing them again this week was such a pleasure. We taught the importance of keeping the sabbath day holy, which was so inspired because that is exactly what has been on Soeur Gomila's mind. We were so blessed to be accompanied by the new convert in the ward, Robin, and to listen to his testimony of the importance of keeping the sabbath day holy. I think that it was really special for Soeur Gomila to see Robin teaching and referencing the scriptures so powerfully after his baptism...and we pray that that will give her confidence and hope as she also serves and lifts those around her. Their baptism is still on for the 12th of April, which is actually the day of the big ward Easter activity, so it will work out perfectly for everyone to be there. Our ward mission leader also offered to host a lunch for the Gomila family at his house after the baptism! It is so special to see the ward all coming together in love and support. It will be perfect.:) 

This week we have some splits set up with several young women in our ward, and it is going to be great!!! Doing so will allow us to be working twice as fast. Please pray this week that we will be able to be led to those who are ready to accept the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Remember that you can make a difference, wherever you are. Find someone to help and always, always remember to smile.:) 

I love you with all of my heart, Soeur Laura Lee Judd

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