Monday, August 5, 2013

Transfer 4, Semaine 1 (i just realized i am actually in my 4th transfer now...not my fifth...BEST REALIZATION EVER!!!!) 8/5/13

Dear family and friends, 
This transfer was an absolute success! I am so sad that is has come to an end, but I am also so grateful for the many miracles Sister Linton and I have witnessed together in these few short weeks. Although it was challenging at times, we always fell asleep content and woke up excited and ready to continue on the next day. I know that all the good experiences and memories we had together happened only through the loving care and grace of Heavenly Father. We know that we can do all things He needs as we realize His power and capacity and use Him in every single aspect of the work. 

Considering the incredible things we experienced together...Sister Linton and I were pretty sad yesterday to get the news that she is getting transfered. She could kinda feel the change coming...but it is still hard to change. I am excited for her though! She is going to be moving to a city called Lorient, which is on the west coast of France, and her new companion is Tahitian!!!!!! Which is super cool. I am kinda jealous...her French is going to get even better!!!!!!!!! As for me! I am so lucky to be able to stay in Blois.:) I love it here! I also got a phone call from the Assistants yesterday telling me that I am going to be training here. I was surprised! but I am really grateful for the opportunity that I will have to welcome in a new missionary.:) I am going to be in Paris for meetings this week, and I will finally be able to meet her on Wednesday! I will let you know all about her next week! 

Comedy Spotlight:

Ok!!!! I have been dying to tell you the funny spotlight this week!!! Ok. So we have an investigator named Judith who is from Hungary. She has been living in France for 15 years or so, so she speaks French, BUT she speaks English like a champ!!! and likes to practice, so we teach our lessons with her in English. Anyways. This week we decided to read a talk given by President Monson about the Plan of Salvation to help give her a better understanding of God's plan for her. She read the entire talk outloud and understood all of it really well! except for the part when it gives reference to Peter or someone giving a sermon on Mars Hill....haha. She read over the little explanation, seemed a little confused, stopped for a second, and then said, "Oh, yes, yes I see. They were on Mars." She then went on reading the rest of the talk like it was no bit deal.:) haha. Sister Linton and I were trying SOOOOOOOOOO hard not to laught out loud! haha It was the funniest. Oh Judith.:) 

Culture Spotlight: we got to go to a castle.:) and it was awesome!!! A couple in our ward picked us up, drove us, and took us on a tour of Chateau Chambord, and it was the funnest thing ever!!! Chambord was built by Francois 1ere in the late 16th century, but he only lived in it for 3 months of his life!!! Crazy, huh??? That's French royalty for you.:) You should definatly look up some pictures of Chambord-I attached a few for you to see too.:) It was the greatest! PLUS we saw English speaking members there! haha. A family from Draper and a family from England stopped us, and it was so funny talking to them for a little bit! It was the greatest.:) 

Food Spotlight:

Do you remember the member meal that I told you about my first week here in Blois??? It was the fish dish made by the Branch Presidents wife... Anyways. During that meal she had asked us what food from America Sister Linton and I miss the most, and both of us shouted in unison, "Mexican food!!!!!!!!!!" haha. We all laughed and joked about it, but then guess what??? She actually made us a Mexican meal!!!!!! Oh man it was the greatest thing to eat make-your-own burritos for the first time in six months....oh my mouth is watering...haha. I'll try to attach a picture of our Mexican France.:) 

Investigator Spotlight:

Mirian is golden!!!!! This week she took the lessons sooooo well! We were a little nervous because she drinks coffee and tea a lot, so it was tough at first for her to understand the importance of keeping the Word of Wisdom, but we had challenged her to turn to the Lord through prayer, and by the next time we saw her, she had thrown out all of her tea and coffee and had been keeping the law completely. She is such a strong example of faith. 

Guess what else??? Mirian's husband and her two other kids Barbara and Robinson got here safely from the Congo this week!!! We loved being able to finally meet them! And get this!!! Turns out Mirian's husband Vincent has been baptized for 20 years! and is a returned missionary! He has had many years of inactivity....but when he was living with his family in England, he started coming back to church.:) He is super supportive of Mirian and Jennyfer and their baptism (which is set for Aug 31). Keep them in your prayers! 

I am so grateful to be a missionary!!!! I love everything about my life here-I dont ever want it to end.:) I am so grateful for the lessons and changes and miracles I have seen in my life in these few short months. I know that the Lord has great things in store. Let us all do our part in bringing forth His will. 

Remember that you can make a difference, wherever you are. Find someone to help.:) And always always remember to smile.:) 

I love you with all of my heart.:) 

Soeur Laura Lee Judd 

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