Friday, April 19, 2013

News of Vanessa's mission call 4/18/13

Hello President and Sister Poznanski,

We have great news from home, and if possible, we would love it if somehow this message could get passed along to my daughter, Soeur Laura Lee Judd. Her sister, Vanessa, has just received her mission call to Manchester, England speaking Mandarin Chinese! Leaves July 9th. Same mission as her cousin! We are so grateful that we have two daughters serving missions. Thank you for all that you do!

Love, Lourie Rabe and Family

Dear Sister Rabe and Family,

I called your daughter to share this great news. I read your email on the phone to make sure it was your own words. When she heard about the mission call of her sister in such a special mission (with mandarin), she shouted with joy. She is so happy and asked me to tell her sister "CONGRATULATIONS and GOOD LUCK!!!! YOU WILL BE A GREAT MISSIONARY!!! I LOVE YOU!!"

Thank you for sharing your children with the European people. That's wonderful!!! In fact, we were with your daughter 2 days ago for the interview session in Nantes (maybe you saw the pictures on the Facebook page) and I can tell you that she is doing very well. She is so enthusiastic and we shared a very special time together. I felt a special spirit being in her presence which touched my heart so deeply.

And moreover she already speaks incredible French. It is amazing how could it be possible within less than 3 weeks in France?! It seems like our Heavenly Father has really well prepared these young missionaries for this special time when his work is hastening.

Sister Poznanski

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