Monday, April 15, 2013

Fresh baguettes and cold showers 4/15/13

Ma famille et mes amis!

Cathedral is 2 blocks away.
Well the weeks here are so dang short, but the days still seem like years haha. I am so excited to write y'all!!!! (Yes yes I still speak like a Texan haha You Frenchies will never stop me!!!!!:))

Like always we were insanely busy! Sister Jenkins and I spent a lot a lot of time contacting, and it was crazy! We went porting (that means door knocking haha) in a town outside of Angers on multiple occasions this week, and on the first day we were out there we met this awesome guy named Mattiew. We couldn't go in cause no one else was home, but we ended up teaching a whole lesson on his door step. He thought the Book of Mormon was really cool, so we gave him one, invited him to read it, and took down his information. We were able to give his information to the Elders in our area, and they are gonna go back and teach him later this week.:) Even though us Sisters cant teach him anymore, please still pray for Mattiew! He is the greatest, and I hope and pray he will continue to learn more about the Gospel.

Haha another awesome story this week happened yesterday when we were street contacting on the way to a lesson. I love Asians.:) (that will never change either haha) so naturally I got super excited when we saw a cute little Asian lady walking down the street. We approached her and introduced ourselves but that was about all we were able to get across to her! haha. For the next fifteen minutes after that she talked talked talked about the most random stuff! haha. I could hardly understand a word she said! haha. But we just smiled and agreed with eveything she said...I hope that was ok.:) haha. But randomly in the middle of the conversation she turned to me and asked me to guess how old she is!!!! haha. I had no idea what to say to her, but she danced around the sidewalk until I finally guessed 55 haha. It was the most bizarre experience I have had on the mission.:) haha.

As for our amis...they are doing good! We didn't get the chance to meet with all of them this week, but they are doing well. We had the best lesson with Mika, and we have really really high hopes with her. Please please pray for Mika and specifically that she will find time in the day to pray. Please also pray for Héléne and that she will be able to find time in her schedule to attend church.

We met a lot with recent converts this week, and they are so strong!!! Please pray for Rahel and Anna and Anna Jean that they may continue to progress in their testimonies of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Thank you so much for all of your support and prayers. I love you all so much and appreciate everything that you have done and continue to do for me. I love you with all of my heart.
Her house! (Right above a boulangerie so it smells like
baguette heaven every minute of every day!)

Oh before I forget is my address in Angers: 

Les Soeurs Missionaires
Soeur Laura Lee Judd
31 Rue de la Roë 
49000 Angers

You can continue to send stuff to the mission home, and things will get to me guaranteed if you send them there, but i am going to be in Angers for a while longer haha, so feel free to send letters to Angers. (P.S. dad and Jess I got your letters.:) thank you! they were sent to the Elder's house in Angers, so they got to me haha but use this other address the next time)

Thank you so much again for all of your support through prayers and love. I love you all so so much. Continue to serve others every day. You have so much influence and power to change others and to change yourselves as you selflessly serve. Among fresh baguettes and freezing cold showers haha I will strive to do the same.:)

Smile always, smile lots.:) 

Je vous aime beaucoup, Soeur Judd 

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