Monday, April 8, 2013

First week in France! (Angers) 4/8/13

ma famille et mes amis,

yeah i am in angers and i love it so much. ....except for this stupid keyboard which is in french haha...i cant figure out how to use the upper case button thing or the comma button or the exclamation key haha. just try and imagine all of this email written in exclamation marks cause that is about how i feel right now. OOOOH here is the upper case key tee hee.

so Angers is a huge college town. it is so beautiful here. there is like no garbage or anything on the ground and i can see the sky haha. Yes sister poznanski is from here and i actually met her  parents yesterday at general conference. they are the heart of the ward here.

the work is good here but i have realized that french is freakin hard. haha. all i can really do is approach people and have my companion take over talking haha. i am happy. but this is hard work.

i wanted to tell you a little bit about some of the people we are teaching.

Helen is about 25 years old and is in medical school here in angers. she is so great. she was my first lesson in the field and it was the coolest experience to teach her. i love her so much. we recently taught her the gospel and she was really receptive to that. Chantal is about 60 years old and is a referral from a member of the ward named Natalie. Chantal suffers from extreme anorexia but is really receptive to the truths we teach. she loves talking about prophets and the scriptures. Mika is a young student here studying accounting and spanish. she is from Berundi and is so so smiley. we taught her the apostasy and she loved it. it made sense to her.

We have a couple more people we are working closely with but that is all i have time to write for now. sorry that wasn't very informative haha but please please pray for these three women. they are so special to me and the lord. I love you all so much. remember that you can find someone to serve anytime anywhere. serve with a smile.

Soeur Laura Lee Judd

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