Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Transfer 10 Semaine 5 5/12/14

Dear family and friends, 

Happy Mother's Day! It was so fun for me to speak with you yesterday! Y'all made me smile and laugh, and i love you for it. Thank you for all the news and stories you shared. I sure love hearing about all you are up to. 

We met with Demila and her daughters, Sadiqua and Zarah, several times this week, and they are doing great! We read all together in the Book of Mormon, and Demila bore the strongest testimony of the truthfulness of it to her would have thought she's been a member for years!!! As she held the Book of Mormon in her hands, she said, "This is a true book. God gave us this book to help us understand God's path for us. Read it and follow it." Demila even called us this morning to say hello and to say that she knows the Book of Mormon is true and that is blesses her family! She is incredible. I have so much faith in this family, and i love them dearly. What is keeping them from being baptised right now is coming to church and keeping the Word of Wisdom (for Demila). Please, please keep them in your prayers so that they can overcome these obsacles. 

Yesterday, we taught a woman named Marie-Louise, a woman we contacted right outside our house a few weeks ago. As we taught the message of the Restoration the Spirit was so strong. She commited to pray about our message and read the Book of Mormon, and then she shared her testimony with us. It was the most heart wrenchingly spiritual testimony I have heard out of a nonmember. Her testimony was so simple yet so sure in Christ that is brought me to tears. Marie-Louise knows God is there and that He hears he prayers. From all that she has experienced in her life, she will never deny His existence. Please keep her in your prayers this week so she may be able to attend church with us this next week and that she will receieve the divine answer of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. 

Remember that you can make a difference, wherever you are. Find someone to help and always, always remember to smile. 

I love you with all of my heart, 

Soeur Laura Lee Judd

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