Monday, February 10, 2014

Transfer 8 Semaine 4 2/10/14

Dear family and friends, 

Bonjour from Versailles! thank you all so much for the emails and happy wishes you sent this week. I am so grateful for each of you and for the love and support you give to me. 

The weeks continue to fly by, and more than ever before, I feel lost in the work. I am so grateful to visit with and to teach and to pray with the many children of Heavenly Father here in France. I feel so full of love for each person I meet, and I am so grateful to the Lord for the charity He bestows upon me. At the moment I am reading in Alma and have read chapters 26 and 29 several times. With Ammon and Alma, who explain their joy so much better than I ever could, I rejoice in the glory of the Lord and boast of His power and His grace. We may never be able to understand the magnitude of the Lord's hand in each of our lives; we may not even recognize every blessing He has bestowed upon us, so let us pray in gratitude every day and thank the Lord for what He does for us. 

This week, Soeur Barton and I were, again, able to meet with our ami named Jean-Denis. I have not mentioned his name before, yet we have so much faith and hope in his progress towards baptism. We first met Jean-Denis through his mom, Josette Gomilla, who is an excommunicated member of the church who is again taking the lessons in hopes to be baptised. Leah, Josette√©s daughter, is also taking the discussions preparing for baptism. A few weeks ago, however, Jean-Denis chose to sit in on a lesson we had about the Resoration of the Gospel through Joseph Smith, and has attended  church every weeks since then. Although he has not accepted the invitation to be baptized, he is praying about each doctrine we teach.Yesterday, after church, we taught the Plan of Salvation, and Jean-Denis asked all sorts of questions surrounding the life after this life. What a wonderful opportunity it was to testify of eternal families and the opportunity we each have to live in the presence of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and become like them. As we looked into the eyes of each member of this family, the Spirit warmed my heart and theirs. I found myself testifying and promising blessings I ways that I never have before. How grateful I am for the opportunity I have to help guide this family there. As we are anxiously waiting for a response concerning Josette's baptism, we will continue to teach the entire family all together, and I would ask that you please pray for each of them. The Lord is capable of doing all things through those that believe. I will keep you updated through the next couple of weeks. 
Can I please also ask you to pray for the family Tavarez? You know a little bit about them already, but at the moment they are not able to make any progress because they absolutely cannot find the time to meet with us, the missionaries. They are sincere and honest in their search, but they need to take the lessons in order to make it to baptism. Please pray for them: Emmanuel, Margojata, Mathilde, and Louise. Thank you so much. 

I wish I had the time to share all of the miracles I see throughout the week, but I know that one day I will be able to share all sorts of experiences with you. For now, what you need to know and what you need to spread, is that the Lord is hastening His work. The time is now! The France Paris mission is finding, teaching, baptising, and re-activating more than EVER before. Every mission, I believe, could say the same. The miracles are countless. What a glorious time it is to be a member of the church! Ask youself, "What more can I do?" and then GO OUT AND DO!!! Pray for inspiration, and I testify that the Lord will show you what He needs of you. You do not need to be a missionary to have missionary experiences! Remember: you cannot do everything for everyone, everywhere; but you can do something for someone, somewhere. 

You can make a difference, wherever you are. Find someone to help and always, please always, remember to smile.:) 

I love you with all of my heart, Soeur Laura Lee Judd

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